Friday, February 2, 2007

Would you like to know me??

Who am I?
I`m Jinwoo Kim, a graduate student in MSE(Materials Science & Engineering). I came from S. Korea in order to obtain a doctorate in engineering. I have lived for 5 months in New Carrollton with 2 roommates.

What I want is...

I would like to talk with my classmates and expose myself to various cultures. It is good opportunities to improve communication skills and understand you!!

Why I choose UM....
The reason that I` here is very simple ; it is my passion for research into semiconductors that led me to go to UMD. I joined the R&D Division (Research and Development) of Hyundai Electronics as soon as I received a BS degree, and since then, I have mainly worked on the process development of DRAM (Dynamic Randon Access Memory). Despite a high salary and fringe benefits, I wasn`t satisfied. I felt the need to deepen and widen my knowledge and to integrate it more systematically.
Such motivation led me to make a decision to go abroad to the US.

If you want to know of me, please feel free to ask to me!!


Nina Liakos said...

Nice blog, Jinwoo! I like the template you chose (I have already used it for another blog). And I like how to set up the spacing in your post. it looks great!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Jinwoo! My name is Hiromi and I'm from Japan.I actually was a student of Nina's class last summer. ^^

Anyway, I enjoyed reading about yourself and why you are in UM now. Good luck on your study! I'm looking forward to read more post later.

Nice to meet you!

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hi Jimwoo
I'm Erika from Brazil and I'm an English teacher! I really liked learning more about you! Engineering seems far away from my abilities! And research in semiconductors sounds really complex. I'm glad there are people like you to research it for us! Tell us more about your interests, about you country and your adventures in Maryland!
Best wishes!

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Annyounghasseyo, Jinwoo.

I enjoyed reading the entries in your blog. I admire your courage in leaving a high-paying job with great benefits in order to expand your knowledge and to learn to apply it more widely!

Where are you from in Korea?

I've only been in Korea once, and for that one trip, I was only in Seoul. However, I have very good memories of my visit. Two of the best memories are of eating kimchi-chigae with a friend who worked (at that time) for Si-sa-yong-o-sa and of having dinner and then tea with a friend, Dr. Kim Kun-ok, and her two beautiful daughters, Ji-na and Ji-hyun.

This is the home page of Dr. Kim's website:

I wish you the very best in your studies!

Enjoy your class with Mrs. Liakos. I respect her greatly!

Best wishes--

(an ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona)