Friday, February 16, 2007

Rflection on

The weather

In this week, there was snow and very cold weather in Maryland. It was so funny experience that most schools, including UM, were closed for safety. It was hard to drive because most roads were ice covered. However, eEven though it was extremely cold, it was good due to beautiful view.

The video you saw
Among the TV programs, I like the documentary films such as natural documentary . One of the attractive program is NGO (National Geographic) because there are wild animals and non artificial life.. Therefore, it was interesting time to watch the video, Apes and Sing Language.

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Nina Liakos said...

I guess that in Korea, schools never close due to weather conditions. In the US, the northern states (like Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin) get a lot more snow than we do and their schools rarely close. However, they tend to get snow, whereas we tend to get ice (sleet, frozen rain...), which is more hazardous to drive on. That is due to our location on the rain/snow line.

I like National Geographic Specials too!